A few things about

Quiet Wolf

No secrets. Just a quiet person that loves to photograph weddings...

I’m Gonçalo Cavaleiro, a professional photographer based in Paços de Ferreira, a small town near Porto, Portugal. I live with my wife and our cats.

I love photography since I can remember, but a few years ago I discovered I love to shoot weddings.

I work mostly in Northern Portugal, but I’m available to travel.


With a background of engineering, I somehow ended up behind a camera. Which is good, because that's a place where I feel very comfortable.

I like to photograph weddings for their unique challenges, it's a complete story in a single day. There are posed and unposed portraits, there are candid moments, there are fun and wild moments, there are details everywhere I look.

I'm not in control of what happens, but I have the freedom to tell the story the way I see it, with my own language. And this is why I love it.

Me, as seen by a former bride... Thank you Liliana! Image on top by my good friend Deyvis Malta.